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Ever wonder how the wireless industry achieves data application interoperability across international borders, networks and devices? How your favorite mobile data application pulls in location information from the network or updates itself automatically? Much of the seamless interoperability we enjoy across the mobile industry is enabled by data specifications defined by the Open Mobile Alliance and implemented by OMA’s industry-leading members across the wireless ecosystem.

OMA is the wireless industry’s focal point for the development of mobile service enabler specifications, which support the creation of interoperable end-to-end mobile services. OMA drives service enabler architectures and open enabler interfaces that are independent of the underlying wireless networks and platforms and that work across devices, service providers, operators, networks, and geographies. Learn More >


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  • 07.03.15 Airbus Defence and Space Unveils Proximity M2M Satellite Data Management Solution

    Airbus Defence and Space Unveils Proximity M2M Satellite Data Management Solution ViaSatellite, by Caleb Henry, May 4, 2015 — Airbus Defence and Space recently launched a global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) management solution called Proximity M2M, designed to simplify the integration and management of satellite communication components within standard M2M networks and applications. Proximity M2M helps maintain real-time data delivery in […]

  • 07.01.15 OMA 2015 Newsletter Volume 2

     OMA Quarterly 2015 Volume 2 Table of Contents Address from the Technical Plenary Chair GotAPI – Enabling Interoperability, Security and Development Time and Cost Reduction for IoT Devices – Free White Paper Now Available for Download Upcoming OMA Meeting in Saigon – Register Today! Mobile World Congress Shanghai – OMA Enablers in Action Technical Achievements New […]

  • 06.16.15 Mformation Expands the Power of its MIDAS™ Interoperability Testing Program for Internet of Things Devices

    Mformation Software Technologies LLC can seamlessly manage over 500 million machine-to-machine and IoT devices. M2M.World.News, June 15, 2015 — Mformation Software Technologies LLC, the leading global provider of scalable communication management solutions for wireless connected devices, continues to enhance its global solutions to seamlessly manage an ever-changing array of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. […]

  • 06.11.15 OMA LightweightM2M

    Unleashing the full potential of M2M and IoT NetComm Wireless — M2M is moving fast. But it started out slow. Pre-Internet machines such as ATMs, traffic lights, postal weighing machines and commercial fridges once used NetComm Wireless’ dial-up modems to access, evaluate and share equipment data. Dial-up worked well for a number of years, but countless devices […]

  • 05.20.15 SnapLogic Embraces IoT in Latest iPaaS; Adds Value with Hadoop-Ready Integrations

    With its Spring 2015 release, SnapLogic’s integration platform as a service introduces support for Internet of Things (IoT), via the MQTT protocol, innovative support for IoT data on Hadoop, along with plans to support other protocols and standards. IDN talks with SnapLogic’s Jason Slater. Integration Developer News — With its Spring 2015 release, the SnapLogic integration platform […]


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