Release Planning and Management

Release Planning and Management Committee

Han Zuidweg
OMA REL Committee Chair


The Release Planning and Management Committee (REL) is a committee of the Technical Plenary. It is different from a Working Group in that it does not produce Technical Specifications.

The main task of the REL Committee is to manage the OMA Work Program. The OMA Work Program keeps track of the OMA Work Items, their deliverables, milestones, reviews and approval cycles.

The REL Committee has several roles in supporting technical work, such as registering new Work Items, organizing Consistency Reviews for Releases prior to TP approval, and starting and ending the mandatory Public Review for Candidate Releases through the public website.

The REL Committee also operates the Open Mobile Naming Authority (OMNA), which assigns and mediates names and numbers used by OMA Releases. OMNA registers items such as Managed Objects for Device Management, Mobile Codes, Vendor and Operator Identities for Location Services, and Uniform Resource Names (URNs).

Last but not least, the REL Committee is responsible for documenting OMA process, procedures and organization. Apart from the OMA Organization and Process document which describes the fundamentals of the OMA organization and process, the REL Committee maintains documentation on Release handling, document drafting, running reviews, referencing and chairing.

Bringing Value to the Mobile Industry

Over the last ten years, the REL Committee has overseen changes to the organization, its processes and its documentation. An important enhancement has been the introduction of Lightweight Process (also referred to as “fast track” development) in 2008, which allows Work Items to reduce the time to market for their technical specifications. Another has been the concept of Public Review to move Enabler Releases from Candidate to Approved status as an alternative to IOP testing.

Active REL Committee Members

OMA members that have been active in the REL Committee include: Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Telecom Italia and others. For most of its existence, (2002-2010) the REL Committee was chaired by Peter Arnby of Ericsson, who earned an OMA Leadership Award for his contribution to the organization. As of 2011, the REL Committee is chaired by Han Zuidweg of Huawei Technologies.

Future Plans for 2013 and Beyond

In the coming years The REL Committee will endeavour to adapt the OMA Organization and Processes to a changing environment with economic challenges, where time to market and quality of the technical output of the organization will be critical. One of the main objectives will be to simplify OMA procedures, improve their documentation and strengthen tool support for WG chairs.