Board Meeting, Technical Plenary Meeting, Committee Meetings, Working Group Meetings

Date: 2-6 June, 2014
Location: Waikoloa Marriott – Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA

The Open Mobile Alliance conducts two types of global member events throughout the year, OMA Technical Plenary / Working Group meetings and OMA TestFests.

Sponsor, Full, Associate and Explorer members of OMA as well as Government Agency participants may attend the OMA Technical Plenary / Working Group meetings. These meetings allow OMA Members to discuss new work for OMA, continue to develop specifications for the OMA Enablers, and meet with their industry peers.

A brief overview of upcoming and expected activity from the Working Groups this June is included in the Q1 Newsletter.

For more information about the OMA Technical Plenary / Working Group events, please contact the Event Manager of the OMA Staff.

If you are not a member of OMA and wish to become one, please visit the Join OMA page.