Hosting an OMA TestFest

OMA TestFests events are designed to verify the quality of OMA specifications and enable vendors to verify and test the interoperability of their product implementations.There are one to three TestFest events per year and these events are hosted in a variety of locations and settings throughout the world. Sometimes, TestFest events are held at venues in conjunction with OMA member meetings. Other times, OMA member companies offer to host in their own facilities. The information below is provided to help potential TestFest Hosts determine if they are able to accommodate a TestFest event:

Qualifying as a “Host”:

Any OMA member company, at any member level, is able to host a TestFest event. Previous hosts include vendor and operator companies, though member companies from any industry category are welcome to host. Per the discretion of the OMA staff, potential new members of OMA or companies located in an area where OMA member companies are not present may also be able to host a TestFest. Please contact the Event Manager on the OMA staff if you are interested in hosting.

Planning of a TestFest:

OMA staff will manage the organization and implementation of each TestFest, including marketing of the event, collecting registrations, communicating with the attendees, providing name badges, and more. The OMA staff asks the Host to provide the following:

  • A single point of contact for OMA staff to work with
  • A single meeting room in your facility which can accommodate a minimum of 30 persons
  • Internet connectivity for the participants (both wireless and wired)
  • Food and beverage for the participants, including lunch
  • SIM Cards for testing (if applicable)

Schedule of Events

TestFest events are typically held Monday through Thursday during the week, with testing running from 9:00 to 18:00 daily. The venue must be accessible from 8:30 to 18:30 daily, at a minimum. Once the participants arrive on Monday morning, OMA will have a brief introduction of the event and we invite the Host to give some welcome remarks. Testing will then begin and continue through Thursday.

Location/Venue Requirements:

Within the Host facility, OMA requests the Testing event be held in a single meeting room which can hold a minimum of 15 participating companies and a minimum of 30 persons. Each company will require a table or two in the meeting space. If available, a room at least 1500 square feet or 140 square meters in size is best. The size of the meeting room will impact the amount of registrations we are able to accept for the TestFest event.

It is also recommended that Host facilities are within walking distance to hotels of various price points or within a short cab ride (10 minutes). OMA staff will work with the Host contact to determine nearby accommodations to recommend to participants and determine if a discounted hotel rate is possible, but participants are required to make their own reservations.

Additional Costs for the Host:

During TestFest events, there are additional costs for the Host to consider. OMA staff will work with the Host contact to minimize these costs as much as possible. These costs include:

  • Food and Beverage: Daily coffee, tea, and water along with a morning and afternoon snack as well as daily lunch provided to all participants
  • Audio Visual equipment: Projector, screen, and 1 microphone required in the meeting room

OMA staff will work with the Host contact to determine how to best provide food and beverage to attendees- many companies have internal catering services or cafeterias to use.

Internet / Connectivity Requirements:

The TestFest Host will be responsible for providing secure connectivity during the entire TestFest event. A private, password protected wireless internet network is required in the TestFest meeting room. It is recommended the speed of the internet to be a minimum of 10 mbps upload and 10 mbps download. A set of a minimum of 10 consecutive public IP addresses will also need to be provided. If the Host is from an operator company, OMA asks a minimum of 10 SIM Cards be provided.

Further Information:

For more general information about TestFest events, please see: OMA TestFest Overview

You may also contact the OMA staff.