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OMA Workshops

  • Small Cells Global Congress

    November 5-6, 2013
    Maritim proArte Hotel, Berlin, Germany

    Join 250+ telecoms professionals in Berlin in November to debate and discuss the fundamental issues facing small cell deployments. The 3rd Annual Small Cells Global Congress, the industry’s first event to focus on small cells, guarantees to provide forward thinking, topical and focused discussion needed to provide delegates with the understanding and vision needed to move confidently through this dynamic market.

    The implementation of an effective small cell deployment strategy across networks is becoming crucial, and operators need to be not only ready for now, but prepared for the future. Can your network keep up in this fast paced and ever growing data storm?


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  • Telecom APIs

    November 11-13, 2013
    London, UK

    The newly launched Telecom APIs event will be held in London on the 11-13 November 2013. As the first & only API event in today’s marketplace exclusively focusing on the telecoms industry, the conference offers 20+ case studies from operators across the globe sharing their success stories and outlining valuable solutions from past challenges. Attendees will discover there is a strong movement in the Telco API area, and will be given the opportunity to meet the movers, shakers and partners to help them make the next step to and acquire relevant mind-sets to thrive in the digital value chain.

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  • The Open Mobile Summit and Appcelerate

    November 12-14, 2013
    San Francisco, California, USA

    The Open Mobile Summit and Appcelerate connects the most influential and the most innovative in converging mobile, Internet, media, electronics and commerce. At Appcelerate CEOs of the most successful app publishers on the planet share the secrets to their success building, marketing and monetizing apps.

    Google Ventures, eBay, Sprint, At&T, Qualcomm and more shared their knowledge and strategy in 2012 and we will be bringing on board the crème de la crème of mobile leaders in 2013.

    To reserve the 2013 conference brochure, and get a full agenda and keynote speaker update, click here.

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  • Mobile Device Management

    November 18-19, 2013
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    An efficient MDM strategy is crucial for operators to increase their revenue and improve user experience. This timely Mobile Device Management conference allows you to learn how to adapt quickly to the constantly changing market. Through enhanced security, enterprise offerings and MDM based services you will achieve better usability, manageability of devices and effective customer care.

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  • CoAP and OMA Lightweight M2M Interop Test event!

    November 19-22, 2013
    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    ETSI Plugtests™, the IPSO Alliance and the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), are pleased to invite you to participate in the next CoAP and Lightweight M2M interoperability test event taking place from 19-22 November 2013 in Las Vegas, USA. The event is co-located with the OMA AGM, Board, Technical Plenary and Working Group meetings.


    This interop test event will assess the interoperability of different CoAP implementations including OMA LWM2M and Security.

    Interoperability test scenarios based on the IETF CoRE and OMA standards for M2M will be available to participants. The test scenarios will focus on server and client CoAP end-point implementations and products focusing on the base CoAP specification, CoAP Block Transfer, CoAP Observation and the CoRE Link Format.

    In addition to the test scenarios proposed on CoAP, additional tests will be available to cover testing of:

    • Security DTLS and
    • OMA Lightweight M2M.

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  • OMA Mobile Healthcare Workshop

    September 20, 2012
    Bangkok, Thailand, Shangri-La Hotel

    The Open Mobile Alliance will host a Mobile Healthcare Workshop at the OMA Technical Plenary in September in Bangkok, Thailand to examine the intersection of smartphones and healthcare information.

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  • OMA Demo Day

    July, 2012
    Brooklyn, USA

    OMA Member Companies Presenting Real World Product Demonstrations

    The Open Mobile Alliance will host a Demo Day during the OMA Technical Plenary in July in Brooklyn. The Demo Day will showcase companies, industry associations and educational institutions that have deployed technologies based on OMA enablers. The Demo Day is open to attendees of the OMA Technical Plenary as well as attendees of the OMA Messaging Workshop.

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  • OMA Messaging Workshop

    July 12, 2012
    Brooklyn, USA

    OMA to Host Messaging Workshop, Technical Leadership Luncheon
    and Social Event in Brooklyn

    The Open Mobile Alliance will host a Messaging Workshop during the OMA Technical Plenary in July in Brooklyn. The Workshop seeks to bring together new companies and traditional telco players to review the history and challenges associated with creating a single global messaging standard.

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  • OMA Workshop ‘Home Environment Services’

    February 23, 2012
    Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

    At their member meeting in Honolulu, the OMA held a workshop on the topic of ‘Home Environment Services’. The event attracted over 70 attendees, and 8 interesting papers by distinguished presenters from the OMA membership.

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