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Free Article from OMA – Managing Software on the Connected Car

In this tech savvy and connected world, the connected car is already the third fastest growing technological device after phones and tablets. By 2020, £380 billion—or 20% of the value of new connected vehicles—will be able to be attributed to ”connected life,” according to Machina Research. It is predicted that by 2020 the scale of connected cars is to reach into the millions of units globally, with car manufacturers now agreeing that building a connected car is no longer an option. Such a car is needed not only because the consumer now expects continuous connectivity for convenience and better infotainment, but also because governments will soon require this for better safety.

The software within the car is one of the biggest challenges car manufacturers face, they have systems that currently manage updates for the more mechanical parts in the car, but are having a hard time in understanding how they efficiently manage computer software updates in the most cost-effective and flexible way. A lot of money is spent on recalling the cars for either updates for safety reasons, regular maintenance or production line updates.

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