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The Top 3 Challenges IoT Developers Face

A valuable resource for developers of products and services for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Hatem Oueslati, Co-Founder and CEO of IoTerop details the top 3 concerns of IoT developers and provides tips on how to streamline solutions to these challenges.

Analysts nearly uniformly agree that the main obstacles to mass deployment and adoption of IoT will be security, device management, and interoperability.

The IoT industry is comprised of different segments such as automotive, smart city, building automation, smart energy, manufacturing, agriculture, security and safety, health, education etc. Although the use cases are quite different, all these areas have in common that they require not only connected devices able to communicate over a variety of network connections, but these devices also require remote configuration and control capabilities. There is unlimited potential for real functional and business benefits to companies in these industry sectors. It is commonly recognized that the millions of connected devices that make up the Internet of Things need to be switched on, configured, provisioned for services, maintained, updated with software, possibly switched off and on again, recovered from error conditions, monitored, queried for data, repaired, their applications managed and finally the devices taken off their network connections at the end of their lifetime. And ideally, all this happens remotely, securely and with interoperability across devices and networks. Developers seeking to mitigate the challenges of security, interoperability and device management, download this free white paper today.