CALLUP announces new RCS-compliant version of its Wi-Fi Calling system

by OMA | Friday, October 23, 2015

CALLUP announces new RCS-compliant version of its Wi-Fi Calling system

By Sheetal Kumbhar | October 23, 2015, — CALLUP has announced a new version of its Wi-Fi calling system that solves one of the most critical problems in the cellular industry: poor cellular phone coverage in buildings. The new version will be introduced at Wi-Fi Now Conference (November 17-19, 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

The new version is fully RCS-compliant, allowing the carrier advanced marketing capabilities. Rich Communication Services(RCS) is a GSM Association (GSMA) platform (marketed under the brand name joyn™) enabling the delivery of communication experiences beyond voice and SMS, providing consumers with instant messaging or chat, live video and file sharing – across devices, on any network.

CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling enables operators to take advantage of subscribers’ routine connection to their Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing them to use their cell phones for voice calls, text messages and rich communication services over the IP network. This is done seamlessly and transparently to the user, and the call is automatically routed through the Wi-Fi hotspot from the circuit switch, to the IP network, while the subscribers use their Android native interface to make calls or send text messages.

Alon Roth, CALLUP’s CEO said: “The new version significantly expands the capabilities of Wi-Fi Calling and allows mobile operators to improve customer experience. The combination of Wi-Fi Calling with RCS compliance is another milestone in streamlining the provision of mobile communications even in places with poor cellular coverage, without unnecessary expenses for either subscribers or operators.”

The new version allows operators to use and provide their subscribers with comprehensive, advanced RCS 5.3-compliant IP messaging services in any Wi-Fi-connected home, including those suffering from poor cellular coverage. The IP messaging services include VoIP and Video Calling, Video Sharing, Instant Messaging, Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) solutions, RCS Network API, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Presence enabler, Common Message Store, Best Efforts Voice, ViLTE, Wi-Fi offload solutions, seamless IP to SMS integration functionality and more.

The solution is based on CALLUP’s patent-pending Roam Home Voice solution. The installed app seamlessly intercepts the voice calls and routes them via the home Wi-Fi router to the carrier’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). A sophisticated algorithm inspects IP quality and Wi-Fi signal quality prior to call initiation. The provisioning server enables the carrier rules enforcement, billing and charging, and Operation Network Management (ONM) activities.

CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling is fully integrated with the operator’s Business Support System(BSS), IMS or softswitch, and is fully secured. Regulatory features are built into the solution.