KDDI Adopts Redbend 10 for Remote Administration of 4G LTE Mobile Phones to Provide More Advanced Safety and Security for Customers

by OMA | Thursday, May 14, 2015

KDDI Adopts Redbend 10 for Remote Administration of 4G LTE Mobile Phones to Provide More Advanced Safety and Security for Customers

May 14, 2015 | The Jakarta Post — TOKYO, May 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Redbend Software, a company that catalyzes change in the connected world by keeping more than two billion automotive, IoT and mobile devices relevant, announced today that KDDI Corporation (TOKYO: 9433), a global service provider, has adopted Redbend 10 for their OTA (Over-the-Air) administration of wireless devices.

Yasuhide Yamamoto, VP of KDDI’s Product & Customer Service Sector said, “In order to maximum Redbend’s end-to-end software management solution Redbend 10, KDDI is strengthening its partnership with Redbend. By administering devices and software programs in an integrated way by utilizing Redbend’s core technology, and also by combining it with KDDI’s customer-support capacity, KDDI aims to provide more advanced safety and security for our customers in the upcoming IoT age.”

Announced at the beginning of this year, Redbend 10 is a software management platform utilizes Redbend’s core Smart Delta technology, to distribute highly reliable and efficient fail-safe software and firmware updates. In order to be able to execute software updates at any time without fail, it supports multiple industry standards and major protocols. Further, in order to support provisioning, updating, and fault management for mobile phones and tablets, it has adopted OMA DM (Open Mobile Alliance Device Management) specifications. It is also possible to incorporate a lightweight device management solution which is required for updating devices with limited resources (memory, processing capacity, bandwidth). Since a large number of IoT devices and modules that are installed in automobiles have limited resources, it was not possible to update them with OTA until the availability of Redbend 10.

Motoharu Fujimura, president of Redbend’s Japancorporation.K.K., said, “It is a great honor that KDDI is strengthening its alliance with Redbend. The two companies are committed to working together in collaboration with the aim of enabling consumers to use each and every wireless device in an up-to-date condition. In the past several years, Redbend has brought its mobile technology expertise into the automotive and IoT industries. The amount of software in automobiles is growing just as the amount of connected devices is growing. With such significant growth in the software and wireless connection environment, a cutting-edge software management solution is necessary. As an industry leader, KDDI is aware of the impact such a market trend has on consumers. They also recognize that the market is beginning to prepare an environment in which all devices can be used in the latest condition with updates, and that will certainly lead to greater customer satisfaction”.