He further added that the future would be led by Internet of things and M2M devices, where there’s no scope for those companies that couldn’t cope with the technical advancement. KDDI has always given priority to its customers in all the matters, and would do no different this time as well. To strengthen the security measures and serve customers in an effective way, KDDI needed a technology that could trace the mobile devices virtually and administer them in a hassle-free manner. Redbend 10 fulfills lives up to its expectations.

Redbend 10 is the latest offering of Redbend Software. It’s an SMP (software management platform) that uses smart delta technology to distribute efficient fail-safe and highly reliable firmware and software updates. It supports major protocols and multiple industry standards to ensure that all the software updates can be executed virtually without any failure.

In addition to this, the company has adopted Open Mobile Alliance Device Management or OMA-DM specifications to support updating, provisioning and fault management for tablets and smartphones. There’s also a need for lightweight device management solution, which can easily update resources even when resources are limited. It wasn’t possible for the company to integrate such a solution without taking help of Redbend10.

Many things have improved post adoption of Redbend10, and the management team looks forward to continuing this approach in the coming months as well.