OMA 2012 Newsletter Volume 2

by OMA | Sunday, April 1, 2012

OMA Quarterly

2012 Volume 2

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OMA Technical Plenary Chair

OMA Messaging Workshop

OMA Demo Day

OMA’s Mobile Augmented Reality

Current OMA Work Program

Quarterly Technical Achievements

New Work Items

2012 OMA Technical Plenary Elections

Events Calendar

Upcoming 2012 Industry Events

2012 OMA Meetings

New Members

OMA Technical Plenary Chair

As we are entering the summer holiday period in many countries, we can look back on a very successful, activity-packed Brooklyn meeting. The Messaging Workshop gave members and guests the opportunity to hear from and discuss with technology professionals from across the mobile industry about the merits of interoperability standards for messaging. Presenters included representatives from OMA member companies (Samsung, SK Telecom, Telecom Italia, AT&T, Comverse, Ericsson, Huawei, and Telefonica) as well as non-member companies and organizations (The Mobile Entertainment Forum, OpenMarket, Drakontas). In addition, views were presented from mobile industry analysts, challenging some of the firmly-held beliefs in the communications industry. The presenters addressed the various forms of messaging, including SMS, RCS, “over-the-top” models and in-application messaging, and discussed with the audience the future directions for messaging technology.

Furthermore, we had an excellent opportunity to watch OMA technology come to life at the OMA Demo Day. The demonstrations included both existing products and proof of concept models, and showcased both new and well-established OMA specifications as well as potential new areas for OMA standardization. The variety of demos highlighted how new applications and services are being built on top of existing and evolving operator systems.

Looking ahead at the upcoming member meeting in Bangkok in September, there will be a new workshop focusing on requirements for eHealth applications and services. Also, work will continue on our technical work program. So far this year 18 new work items have been registered, of which nine in the June/July timeframe. This clearly demonstrates that after 10 years in operation OMA is still going strong!

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OMA Messaging Workshop

The OMA hosted a Messaging Workshop as part of its 10th Anniversary during the July Technical Plenary in Brooklyn. Presentations from OMA member companies and key industry players addressed the messaging standardization challenges facing the Telco industry, how Network Operators and others can address global user needs as well as the perspective of over-the-top and other vendors who use Internet based messaging for their business models. The one day Workshop, attended by more than 120 delegates, was moderated by Kevin Holley, Head of Standards, Telefonica, Vice Chair, OMA Board of Directors. The Workshop closed with a lively panel discussion, Addressing Standardization Needs from Traditional Messaging Service Providers and Internet Based Messaging Systems for Mobile Applications moderated by Alan Quayle. For a complete list of presenters and presentations, please click here.

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OMA Demo Day

During the July Technical Plenary in Brooklyn, the OMA hosted a Member Company Demo Day. Featuring new and well-established OMA specifications in real-time product demonstrations, member companies showcased how new applications and services are being built on top of existing operator systems. Twelve OMA member companies, industry associations and educational institutions and more than 100 delegates participated in the one day event. Highlights of the day included demonstrations of the modularity across OMA’s long standing enablers as well as the incorporation of brand new enablers — products and services based on augmented reality, location based machine-to-machine communications, and even interoperable services that work across various social network platforms. For a complete list of the demonstrations, please click here.

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Mobile Augmented Reality Service Enabler Reaches Candidate Status

OMA Mobile Augmented Reality CER 1.0

Augmented Reality (AR) blends interactive media with the real world technology that overlays text or graphics on real-life images and objects. The unique, interactive user experience provided by Mobile AR (MobAR) has the potential to change the way users get information. Examples might include sharing information through the camera view, based on visual images as opposed to the traditional browser experience where information is presented in narrative form. According to some industry analysts, the market potential of augmented reality could reach $1.5 billion in 2015. This represents a remarkable growth in an industry that accounted for $2 million in smartphone apps sales in 2012.* A standardized platform is crucial to achieve these numbers so that SDOs and content developers have standards that will make AR content open and interoperable.

The OMA Mobile Augmented Reality (OMA MobAR) enabler provides a comprehensive framework to allow mobile AR services that facilitate the cross-platform exchange of AR Content and universal access to AR Content by providing new mechanisms for transport, filtering and personalization of AR Contents. OMA MobAR is built over a client-server model, with the MobAR Client that pulls from the MobAR Server information and content that can “augment” the scene the user is looking at through his/her mobile device.

OMA began work on the MobAR enabler in November 2010 and expects to publish the OMA MobAR 1.0 in late 2012.

*The Globe and Mail

Use Case 1

The OMA AR enabler enhances the user experience in real time scenarios such as travel. Users can access key Points of Interest (POI) in their general vicinity and retrieve geo-localized multimedia content and information in camera views on their mobile phone. OMA AR improves the user’s ability to interact easily with their surrounding environment by making the environment easily clickable.

Use Case 2

The OMA AR enabler offers a rich user experience in Gaming scenarios. Using their mobile phones, players can interact with other players in real time, accessing clues, game routes, puzzles, riddles and hidden landmarks that allows them to accumulate points and continue playing.

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Quarterly Technical Achievements and New Work Items

OMA has published more that 45 service enablers in the first six months of 2012. Please click on the links below for a complete list of technical achievements.

January 2012 Technical Achievements

February 2012 Technical Achievements

March 2012 Technical Achievements

April 2012 Technical Achievements

May 2012 Technical Achievements

June 2012 Technical Achievements

2012 Release Plan

New Work Items

The following work items have been approved by the Technical Plenary and entered the OMA Work Program since January 2012:

WID – 254 LPP Extensions 1.1

WID – 255 SIP/SIMPLE Based IM Service Definition 2.0

WID – 256 M2M Device Classification White Paper Reference

WID – 257 Converged IP Messaging 2.0

WID – 258 OneAPI Profile of RESTful Network APIs V 4.0

WID – 259 RESTful Network API for Customer Profile V 1.0

WID – 260 RCS-e Profile of RESTful Network APIs

WID – 261 RESTful Network API for Anonymous Customer Reference Management

WID – 262 RESTful Network API for Capability Discovery

WID – 263 Always Online Infrastructure

WID – 264 Management Object Design Guidelines

WID – 267 Open Connection Manager API 1.1
URL to come

WID – 268 Rich Communication Service Ecosystem Testing 1.0
URL to come

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2012 OMA Technical Plenary Elections

Working Group Chair

Location: Mark Younge, Deutsche Telekom

Interoperability:Jeff Cooke, Ericsson
Working Group Vice-Chair Elections

Working Group Vice-Chair

Location: Andreas Wachter, Qualcomm

Device Management: Salvatore Scarpina, Telecom Italia

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Events Calendar

OMA at Recent 2012 Industry Events

NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition
13-15 June / San Francisco, USA
OMA endorsed event

19-21 June / Singapore
Musa Unmehopa, Chair, Open Mobile Alliance Technical Plenary, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Software, Services and Solutions Group, Alcatel-Lucent

Small Cells World Summit
26-28 June / London, UK
Camillo Carlini, Telecom Italia

6th AR Standards Meeting
23-24 July / Geneva, Switzerland
Doug Knisely, OMA Mobile Augmented Reality Working Group

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Upcoming 2012 Industry Events

SDP Global Summit
11-13 September / Rome, Italy
Musa Unmehopa, Chair, Open Mobile Alliance Technical Plenary, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Software, Services and Solutions Group, Alcatel-Lucent

Mobile Broadband World
24-27 September / London, UK /
Thierry Berisot, Deutsche Telekom

ICIN 2012
8-11 October / Berlin, Germany
Musa Unmehopa, Chair, Open Mobile Alliance Technical Plenary, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Software, Services and Solutions Group, Alcatel-Lucent

RCS VoLTE Next Generation Services
10-11 October / Kranj, Slovenia

3rd ETSI TC M2M Workshop “Standardized Framework for Iinteroperable M2M Services; Connecting Smart Devices, Platforms & Applications to the Internet of Things”
24-25 October / Sophia Antipolis, France
Salvatore Scarpini, Vice Chair, OMA DM Working Group, Telecom Italia

Open Mobile Summit
7-9 November / San Francisco, USA
Musa Unmehopa, Chair, Open Mobile Alliance Technical Plenary, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Software, Services and Solutions Group, Alcatel-Lucent

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2012 OMA Meetings

17-20 September, Bangkok, Thailand
12-16 November, Los Angeles, USA

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New Members

The OMA is proud to welcome the following new members who have joined in 2012. We look forward to their participation!


CompanyMembership LevelCompany URL
DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology)
Applied Communication Sciences Associatewww.appcomsci.comr
Masang Soft., Inc.
Cybage Software Private Limited
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia R&D Center

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