OMA 2013 Newsletter Volume 2

by OMA | Thursday, August 8, 2013

OMA Quarterly

2013 Volume 2

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OMA Technical Plenary Chair Address – Francesco Vadalà

GS1 and OMA Announce Joint Mobile Codes Work

OMA Launches Social Media Presence

Highlights of OMA Big Data Event

Technical Achievements

New Work Items

2013 OMA Technical Plenary Elections

Events Calendar

New Members

OMA Technical Plenary Chair Address – Francesco Vadalà

Francesco_Vadala3Welcome to the second quarterly newsletter of 2013. I opened the first newsletter encouraging OMA to “face our current challenges correctly and timely.” To help fulfill this challenge, we have started to hold a Technical Plenary session titled “Forward Looking” during the OMA meetings, with the intention of creating the opportunity for more effective consideration of new work items and for in-depth discussion of the rationale for the newly proposed work items from both the business and technical point of view.  From the recent June meeting in Dublin, some highlights of the “Forward Looking” session include:

  • How Mobile Operators can evolve their network from a Dumb Pipe to a Smart Network: OMA Enablers are basic elements for intelligent usage of the network resources at the service level and are able to open the value present in the network to create identity, location and context awareness. The Network APIs define a way for smart consumption of such enablers (QoS, Customer Profile, Anonymous Customer Reference, Terminal Location, Device Management, etc .).
  • How to address the emerging “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) use cases: OMA Device Management provides enterprise users with an entire experience, including the remote configuration and fault management of your e-mail client account, browser proxy, antivirus, sales force vertical application, and more.
  • Client-side design pattern for OMA API exposure to Web apps: A mobile device running an OMA API server allows browser-based apps access to device features that are not currently exposed natively by the browser. Examples of use cases include a browser-based app accessing mobile code scanning via the OMA “Mobile Code API” and the Web API exposing data collected from a personal health device to web applications.
  • Lightweight protocol for M2M: OMA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) is a new standard focused on constrained cellular and other M2M devices. LWM2M defines efficient device server interface based on open IETF standards, extensible object and resource model for application semantics, and public registry of objects from OMA and other SDOs or enterprises.  Possible future enhancements involve how LWM2M can be supported in OneM2M as well as the definition of general-purpose Lightweight Objects and Web Application API.

This is just the beginning—OMA has a lot of exciting work still ahead this year and I thank all of you for your contributions!

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GS1 and OMA Announce Joint Mobile Codes Work

On 20 May 2013, GS1 and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) announced we are collaborating to enable bar code scanning features built directly into mobile devices. This will make it easier for application developers to allow their apps to scan and link to trusted content.

“Mobile data is growing exponentially and bar code scanning is a key driver for consumers to access data and media owners to engage users. Today, the industry is working with a bar codes ecosystem that is fragmented by non-standard solutions. This specification will enable application developer innovation for the mCommerce and mobile advertising industry, allowing companies to develop interoperable and scalable applications,” commented Bryan Sullivan, OMA Board of Directors Vice-chairman.

GS1, the supply chain standards organisation, manages the system of product barcodes used by close to 2 million companies on billions of products across the world. OMA, the mobile standards organisation, is recognised for a wide range of specifications and application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable mobile services. These include OMA DM (device management), which has been deployed on over 1.4 billion devices. The two organisations have been working together since 2011.

GS1 and OMA will develop a new specification leveraging existing GS1 and OMA standards. It will allow mobile device manufacturers and operators to build mobile devices with the following key bar code scanning capabilities:

  • universal scanning of standardised bar codes
  • built-in code scanning capability accessible to users manually through the device camera, and also to applications thanks to a Web API exposed on the device
  • intelligent linking of bar codes with trusted content provided by the owners of the bar codes
  • support for collection of user analytics including location on an opt-in basis

For application developers, the specification will simplify and accelerate deployment of applications that use code scanning by providing:

  • more flexible integration of code scanning into applications
  • seamless and more consistent user experience and reduced time to market: common standards and enablers will reduce both complexity and development costs

Ultimately consumers will benefit through a new generation of more intuitive applications.

“Our consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to research and purchase products. This new specification will allow more consumers to access accurate and trusted product information to help them with their daily lives,” said John Phillips, SVP Customer Supply Chain and Logistics at PepsiCo.

The two organisations aim to launch the new specification in 2014 and encourage companies to actively participate in the development process this year. The initial list of companies participating includes Fujitsu, NEC and AT&T. To participate in this activity, contact Cameron Green ( or Kennie Kwong ( To learn more about how you can get involved see:


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OMA Launches Social Media Presence

Beginning in April 2013, OMA began expanding our online presence by utilizing social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. OMA’s goal by joining these sites is to expand our reach into the industry’s online community as well as to develop another forum for communicating with current and potential members. From April through June, OMA has seen significant growth in interacting with the online community by sharing industry news and trends, OMA announcements, member press releases, and more. By doing this, we aim to increase awareness of OMA to lead to increased use of OMA technologies and greater perception of OMA as a thought leader in OMA work areas, such as: DM, M2M, LBS, APIs, Big Data, App Development and many more.


To encourage OMA members to join us on social media, OMA staff delivered a presentation during the Leadership meeting during our Dublin meeting on June 3. We provided information on best practices for creating an account on each site, suggestions on the types of content to post on each site, and how to interact with the OMA accounts. In the days following the Leadership meeting, we saw significant member participation online which is well represented in the tracking statistics of our reach into the online community. These statistics allow us to analyze content posted and users interacting with us and will continue to develop OMA best practices for utilizing social media.

Statistics of growth from February to June 2013 include:

  • Number of Facebook “Likes” grew from 4 to 57 (1,425% increase)
  • Number of Twitter “Followers” grew from 33 to 141 (427% increase)
  • Number of LinkedIn Company “Followers” grew from 84 to 140 (167% increase)
  • Peak interactions on Facebook reaching 408 individuals
  • Peak interactions on LinkedIn reaching 555 individuals
  • Average monthly growth across all sites was 14 new users (8.4% increase)
  • June monthly growth across all sites was 60 new users (36% increase)

We hope you join us online:





If you have any suggestions for other social media sites OMA should join, please reach out to Megan at

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Highlights of OMA Big Data Event – Interactive Webinar Broadcast Globally

Industry leaders from the mobile community gathered in Dublin in June to attend a Big Data seminar, hosted by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).

The seminar united industry giants such as GS1, Huawei, and Telefonica, among others. Speakers explored the ecosystem and made recommendations for new standards and best practices, which will stimulate innovation, market growth and greater end-user satisfaction.

The interactive session addressed: the Big Data generation and what is needed for efficiency and inter-connectivity; the need for increased standardization in mobile codes; and mobile social interaction and the role of standardized or proprietary APIs.

big-dataThe first of its kind for OMA, the event was broadcast globally as an online webinar. The seminar resulted in over 280 pieces of coverage being published around the event including quality publications: The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Bloomberg Businessweek, Digital Journal and local coverage including Silicon Ireland News.

Registrations peaked at 149, a quarter of which being press and analysts, with the remainder being OMA members and prospective members. Media registrations included top industry titles and analyst houses such as Global Telecoms Business, Current Analysis and IHS Screen Digest.

Viewers were able to come and go as they pleased for the different sessions and so the live streaming received 511 hits, across 14 countries. The webinar was also successfully viewed on different devices including desktop, mobile and tablets. In the first couple of weeks post-event, nearly 20 more individuals played the webinar back.


To download presentations or view the event playback, see

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Technical Achievements

The following documents have been approved by the OMA Board of Directors during Q2 2013 and are available for download on the OMA public website.

May 2013
Requirements Document

Candidate approval
Device Apps Network Efficiency V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Enabler and Reference Releases
Device Management V1.3 Enabler Release Package

RCS V1.2.2 Interoperability Enabler Test Specification
RCS V1.2.2 Conformance Enabler Test Specification

June 2013
Requirements Document
Candidate approval
Management Policy MO V1.0 Enabler Release Package
LPP Extensions V2.0 Enabler Release Package

Enabler and Reference Releases
Final Approval
Software Component Management Object V1.1 Enabler Release Package
Device Management Client Side API Framework V1.0 Enabler Release Package
Delta Record Managed Object V1.0 Enabler Release Package

RESTful Network API for Chat V1.0 Enabler Release Package
RCS-e Profile of RESTful Network APIs V1.0 Enabler Release Package
RCS Profile of RESTful Network APIs V2.0 Enabler Release Package
RESTful Network API for Video Share V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Historic status
APIs for Rich Communications V1.0 Enabler Release Package

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New Work Items

The following have been approved as new OMA Work Items (WID) in Q2 2013.

  • WID 0286 – MLS Continued Evolution (MLSConEvo) V1.0
  • WID 0287 – Dynamic Navigation (DynNav) V1.1

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 2013 OMA Technical Plenary Elections

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been elected to OMA Technical Plenary leadership positions in Q2 2013.

  • Dieter Gludovacz of Deutsche Telekom on his successful election as Vice-chair of the Release Planning and Management Committee (REL)
  • Cristina Badulescu of Ericsson on her successful re-election as Vice-chair of the Communications Working Group (COM

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Events Calendar

Upcoming OMA Meetings – 2013

23-27 Sept, 2013 / Bangkok, Thailand

18-22 Nov, 2013 / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Upcoming Industry Events

M2M Evolution Conference & Expo
August 26-29, 2013 / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

SDP Global Summit
September 17-19, 2013 / Rome

LTE Asia
September 18-19, 2013 / Singapore

October 6-10, 2013 / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

October 14-17, 2013 / Venice, Italy

Apps World
October 22-23, 2013 / Earls Court 2, London

The Appsters Awards
October 22, 2013 / London, UK

Rich Communications
October 29-30, 2013 / Berlin, Germany

Small Cells Global Congress
November 5-6, 2013 / Berlin, Germany

The Open Mobile Summit and Appcelerate
November 12-14, 2013 / San Francisco, California, USA

Mobile Device Management
November 18-19, 2013 / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Telecoms Tech World
November 26-27, 2013 / Olympia, London

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New Members

OMA would like to welcome the following companies who have joined during Q2 2013!


CompanyCompany URL
Openwave Messaging
Cisco Systems

For more information on OMA membership and a complete list of OMA members,

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