OMA 2013 Newsletter Volume 3

by OMA | Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OMA Quarterly

2013 Volume 3

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Address from the Technical Plenary Chair

Summer Means Speaking Opportunities for OMA

OTT Seminar Announcement

Interop Test Opportunity Announcement

Technical Achievements

New Work Items

Events Calendar

New Members


OMA Technical Plenary Chair Address – Francesco Vadalà


Welcome to OMA’s third quarterly newsletter of 2013. In this edition, I would like to draw your attention once more to the “Forward Looking” session held at our recent face-to-face meeting. The great attendance and participation during this session in Bangkok in September is a sign of vitality, innovation and openness to new initiatives.

The past decade has brought a massive expansion in broadband networks and mobile technology, allowing users to experience an unprecedented level of connectivity. This connectivity enables many opportunities to improve Public Safety, a market very significant for the US, UK, EU and elsewhere. At the meeting in Bangkok, OMA companies discussed how and which technical work will be needed to enhance the existing OMA PoC standard (in conjunction with messaging and location enablers) to support public safety applications.  This is one service that the OTT community cannot undertake without deep involvement and network infrastructure support, and it will be important to the industry to eliminate or minimize fragmentation for the benefit of all market participants – system & device vendors, and operators. Cooperation with other key stakeholders (such as 3GPP, ETSI TC TETRA, TCCA and US National Institute of Standards and Technology) will ensure broad representation of the public safety community.

The Bangkok meeting also afforded member companies the opportunity to continue the discussion on how core telecoms services and OTT services can be integrated, allowing operators to maintain their existing assets whilst showing flexibility and the ability to evolve. This point will be the core of the event “Defining Smart Networks to Maximize Quality of Experience for OTT Applications” to be held in Las Vegas November 21 – an event that should not be missed!

Finally, this summer also marked the publication of the Social Network Web enabler (OMA SNeW v.1.0) for federating social networks of mobile operators. This activity was also presented at the W3C-OpenSocial Foundation joint workshop on “Social Standards: The Future of Business” (August 2013, San Francisco, USA).  Read more about these and other events where OMA played a key role in Q3 AND get a preview of Q4 in the newsletter below.

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Summer Means Speaking Opportunities for OMA

OMA members and staff were busy this summer as we hit the road to get the word out about the great work we are doing.  OMA was asked to provide speakers for several mobile and wireless industry events during Q3.

W3C/OpenSocial Foundation Workshop

In August Bryan Sullivan of AT&T represented OMA at the Social Standards: The Future of Business Workshop, organized jointly with the OpenSocial Foundation. AppFusions hosted the event, and IBM and the Open Mobile Alliance were sponsors.  Bryan presented a paper entitled, “Opportunities and Challenges for Standardization in Mobile Social Networks” jointly authored with Laurent-Walter Goix of Telecom Italia, which highlighted the OMA SNeW v.1.0 Enabler.

This Workshop provided a way for the social business and technical community to create a roadmap for standardizing the currently fragmented social landscape in order to make social a first-class part of the Open Web Platform. Participants discussed how social could revolutionize the enterprise as well as next steps for technologies such as OpenSocial and ActivityStreams, both of which are in early stages of revision. This workshop was the culmination of the activity of the Social Business Community Group.

Participants of the Workshop agreed that W3C should create a Working Group defining standards around social, ranging from APIs to profile federation, as well as a community group around property graphs. Collaboration with the OpenSocial Foundation, Open Mobile Alliance, ActivityStreams community, and many other groups will be one of the keys to creating the next generation of standards for the social web.  W3C published the final report which is free to download from the W3C website.

M2M Evolution

Also in August, OMA and oneM2M partnered to present a panel session at the M2M Evolution conference, which took place August 27-29 in Las Vegas, NV. The session entitled, “oneM2M” addressed the need for a standardized approach to machine-to-machine connectivity promoting interoperability across vertical industries and networks.

The need for a common M2M service layer that can be readily embedded within various hardware and software, and relied upon to connect the myriad of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide was the session’s core topic. Various roles within the M2M ecosystem were covered including the carriers who need to manage connectivity, hardware vendors who need to build hardware and get it network-ready and certified, developers and integrators who need to make sure applications work across platforms, and standards development organizations who must produce specifications that promote interoperability across the ecosystem.

Chaired by Carl Ford of Crossfire Media, the panel included Richard Brennan, Marcomm Sub-committee Chair at oneM2M; Dr. Eshwar Pittampalli, Market Development Director at OMA; Adam Gould, CEO at Sensinode (now ARM) and Bill Conley, Cellular and Proprietary RF Device Product Manager at B&B Electronics. Panelists discussed how standardization can address issues such as the range of data streams in M2M combined with the legacy of carrier interfaces, the need for interoperability across vertical markets, the need for systems that share information better, and the need to reduce certification complexity.

“As the leader in developing service layer standards for the mobile industry, OMA has responded to market demand in the M2M area, understanding that a common set of standards for managing devices on a variety of networks is not just a nice option, but a mandatory approach,” said Gary K. Jones, Board Chairman at OMA. “The M2M Evolution event was a great opportunity for OMA to show our support of oneM2M’s goals, and it gave OMA the chance to demonstrate how we are contributing applicable OMA service enablers such as OMA Device Management and OMA Lightweight M2M to oneM2M specifications.”

SDP Global Summit

In September, Dr. Camillo Carlini of Telecom Italia represented OMA at the SDP Global Summit in Rome. The event addressed issues around modernization of Service Delivery Platforms, providing consistent API experiences, API management, profitable cloud services, the ongoing evolution of the ‘platform’ along with RCS, WebRTC and the role of SDP in delivering M2M services.

The OMA presentation, ‘Offering Premium QoE as a Service: How Mobile Operators will Monetize Network Resources and Enhance Mobile Apps Quality,’ addressed integrating core telecom and OTT services. Within his presentation, Camillo explored how OTT services can better exploit network resources resulting in better Quality of Experience (QoE) for the end user and network efficiency. He also discussed how to provide a deep integration of network, service and product development and how to maintain existing assets while showing flexibility and the ability to evolve.

A key area of work within OMA is building enablers that help network operators expose value for apps developers while keeping in mind the quality experience of the service for end-users. This has resulted in new OMA Enablers and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) such as the OMA Quality of Service (QoS) API and the OMA Device Application Network Efficiency (DANE) Enabler.

“This is an important time for the mobile industry. We are now able to overcome dumb pipe models by fostering mobile broadband business sustainability. We are also able to promote global initiatives to reach out to mobile developers and furthermore, we understand the necessity of defining and adopting innovative service layer architectures early on, for both networks and devices,” said Camillo.

ICIN and Apps World

In October, OMA was sponsor to two additional industry events, ICIN in Venice and Apps World in London.  Represented by Liliana Dinale of Ericsson and Dr. Camillo Carlini of Telecom Italia respecitively, OMA will provide a full report on these events in the Q4 newsletter.

For copies of these presentations email Elizabeth Rose at

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OTT Seminar Announcement

Don’t Miss the OMA OTT Seminar Thursday, November 21 Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Over-the-top (OTT) applications are as numerous as they are popular with smartphone users.  Which applications will win the hearts of consumers AND deliver value?  Smart application developers are beginning to look to the mobile network to deliver services that allow them to optimize their applications’ performance and increase their users’ Quality of Experience (QoE).

Join OMA in Las Vegas November 21 for an exciting day of discussion and debate on what Mobile Operators can offer App Developers and what Developers need from the mobile ecosystem to optimize their apps. The seminar will take place at Planet Hollywood in conjunction with the OMA member face-to-face meeting.

This event titled, Defining Smart Networks to Maximize Quality of Experience for OTT Applications, will bring together app developers, network operators, equipment and handset vendors to discuss what the OTT vendors need from the operators to optimize application performance, as well as what capabilities the mobile ecosystem players can expose to ensure maximum QoE for end users.  Speakers will include representatives from AT&T, Telecom Italia, Nok Nok, Twilio, IMSWorkx, PDV Connect and more.

Best of all, whether you join in person or over live webinar, this event is FREE! For more information or to register today see

Interested in speaking at this event?  Contact Tim Haysom at

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Interop Test Opportunity Announcement

M2M Interop Test Event November 19-22 Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

ETSI Plugtests™, the IPSO Alliance and the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), are pleased to invite you to participate in the next CoAP and OMA Lightweight M2M Interop Test event taking place from 19-22 November 2013 in Las Vegas, USA. The event is co-located with the OMA AGM (Annual General Meeting), Public Seminar/Webinar, Board, Technical Plenary and Working Group meetings.

This 3rd Plugtests™ event on Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) will assess the interoperability of multivendor CoAP implementations including the coverage of OMA LWM2M and DTLS.
Interoperability test scenarios based on the IETF CoRE and OMA standards for M2M will be available to participants. The test scenarios will focus on server and client CoAP end-point implementations and products focusing on the base CoAP specification, CoAP Block Transfer, CoAP Observation and the CoRE Link Format. The testing includes an improvement of scenarios performed at previous CoAP events, with brand new tests on CoAP standards, OMA Lightweight M2M and Security DTLS.

Participation at this interoperability event is open to everyone with an implementation to test and is free of charge.

If you need to be sure your products and implementations are fit for the growing M2M market, this is an event not to be missed!

Please register as soon as possible and find more details at If you would like to know more or have any questions, please contact

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Technical Achievements

The following documents have been approved by the OMA Board of Directors during Q3 2013 and are available for download on the OMA public website.

July 2013
Architecture Document

Candidate Approval
Open Connection Manager API V1.1 Enabler Release Package
DM Gateway MO V1.1 Enabler Release Package

Enabler and Reference Releases
Final Approval
Mobile 2D bar codes V1.0 Enabler Release Package
Gateway Management Object V1.0 Enabler Release Package
Converged Address Book APIs V1.0 Enabler Release Package
Guidelines for RESTful Network APIs V1.0 Reference Release Package

Candidate Approval
Converged IP Messaging V2.0 Enabler Release Package
Virtualisation Management Object V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Candidate Re-Approval
RESTful Network API for Messaging V1.0 Enabler Release Package

RESTful Network API for Image Share V1.0 Enabler Release Package
RESTful Network API for FileTransfer V1.0 Enabler Release Package
RESTful Network API for Anonymous Customer Reference Management V1.0 Enabler Release Package
RESTful Network API for Terminal Status V1.0 Enabler Release Package
RESTful Network API for Capability Discovery V1.0 Enabler Release Package
CAB architecture simplification with new market requirements (S-CAB) V1.0 Enabler Release Package
Secure User Plane Location V2.1 Enabler Release Package

August 2013
Enabler and Reference Releases

Final Approval
Small Cells Capabilities Exposure V1.0 Reference Release Package

Candidate Approval
Social Network Web V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Candidate Re-Approval
RESTful Network API for Notification Channel V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Virtualisation Management Object V1.0 Enabler Release Package
Dynamic Navigation V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Enabler Test Specification and Enabler Validation Plan
Candidate Approval
RESTful binding for OMA Push Access Protocol V1.0 Enabler Test Specification
RESTful binding for OMA Push Access Protocol V1.0 Enabler Validation Plan

September 2013
Enabler and Reference Releases

Candidate Approval
SUPL Configuration Services V1.0 Reference Release Package
Candidate Re-Approval
Authorization Framework for Network APIs V1.0 Enabler Release Package

Smartcard Web Server V1.1.3 Enabler Release Package
Smartcard Web Server V1.2.1 Enabler Release Package

Enabler Test Specification, Test File Package and Enabler Validation Plan
Candidate Approval
Social Network Web V1.0 Enabler Test Specification & Social Network Web V1.0 Enabler Validation Plan

Candidate Re-Approval
RESTful binding for OMA Push Access Protocol V1.0 Enabler Validation Plan
Secure User Plane Location V2.0.2 Test File Package

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New Work Items

The following have been approved as new OMA Work Items (WID) in Q3 2013.

  • WID 0286 – MLS Continued Evolution (MLSConEvo) V1.0
  • WID 0287 – Dynamic Navigation (DynNav) V1.1

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Events Calendar

Upcoming OMA Member Meetings – 2013

November 18-22, 2013 / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Learn more or register here.

Upcoming Industry Events

Rich Communications
October 29-30, 2013 / Berlin, Germany

Small Cells Global Congress
November 5-6, 2013 / Berlin, Germany

Telecom APIs
November 11-13, 2013 / London

The Open Mobile Summit and Appcelerate
November 12-14, 2013 / San Francisco, California, USA

Mobile Device Management
November 18-19, 2013 / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Telco Big Data and Real Time Analytics Summit
November 19-23, 2013 / Barcelona, Spain

LTE North America
November 20-22, 2013 / Dallas, Texas, USA

Telecoms Tech World
November 26-27, 2013 / Olympia, London

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New Members

OMA would like to welcome the following companies who have joined during Q3 2013!

CompanyCompany LevelCompany URL
Motorola Solutions
T-Mobile USA,
InterDigital Communications,
GS1 Global
Metaswitch Networks Ltd.
Saphety Level - Trusted Services
Images in Space
Fidens ConsultingExplorer

For more information on OMA membership and a complete list of OMA members,

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