Explorer Membership

Explorer Membership

See if OMA provides the specification setting environment your company needs BEFORE committing to full membership

OMA now makes it easy for companies to assess the value of participation by allowing them to participate directly in OMA’s technical work for a limited period of time.

With more than 100 specifications completed to date, OMA is committed to making its organization and process available to the whole telecom industry as well as the additional industry categories for which a mobile strategy is a growing component of their business. OMA’s success is well established in the areas of messaging, device management, location and content delivery to name a few.

As social networking grows in parallel between the Web and the mobile environment, machine-to-machine communications promises billions of new network connected devices, and financial services companies must include a mobile presence in their business plans, OMA wishes to encourage new and returning members from these growing industries.

By giving companies the opportunity to learn more about our technical work, OMA is ensuring that the new standardization requirements of these growing industries are incorporated into our existing body of specifications. We also believe this will encourage the development of new specifications that the market requires for these new markets to grow and thrive.

We believe that companies who participate in our work will see the benefit of continued participation and bring their contributions to OMA for the long term.

Becoming an Explorer member is simple and inexpensive:

      • $650 membership fee
      • OMA Champion to help you find relevant work for your company
      • Up to ten month membership including at least three face-to-face meetings
      • Individual meeting fees waived for two participants at first OMA face-to-face meeting – regular fees apply to second OMA face-to-face meeting
      • Application available here – approximately 10 days to process and approve

Contact one of our staff members today, or download the OMA Explorer Membership Application.

OMA would like to enable interested companies to interact directly with our technical work in order to see for themselves the importance and relevance of OMA to their business. Therefore, we have created the Explorer Membership Program, offering a low cost, easy entry, trial membership for companies interested in OMA’s current work or in bringing new work to OMA.

OMA holds four main face-to-face meetings each year, referred to as General Meetings. A General Meeting includes Working Group (WG) meetings and a Technical Plenary (TP) meeting. The duration of an Explorer membership begins when the application is approved by the OMA office and concludes 30 calendar days after the end of the third consecutive General Meeting following the approval date. In most cases this is a duration of nine to ten months. We refer to this period as the Active Period for an Explorer membership.


              • Explorer members may participate in 3 consecutive General Meetings and in all Working Group and Technical Plenary conference calls and interim meetings during.
              • Explorer Members will have access to the OMA member portal, which is an integral part of the document control and work process system used in developing an OMA specification.
              • Members will be able to subscribe to the Working Group mailing lists and participate in Working Group discussions.
              • Explorer Members will be allowed to make technical contributions to the specifications under development.
              • Explorer members are entitled to a waiver of the meeting fee for the first OMA General Meeting for up to two delegates.
              • Explorer members may bring up to ten delegates to a General Meeting.
              • If an Explorer wishes to apply for a regular annual membership at the end of the Active Period, a simple application is made through the OMA membership manager.

The fee for an Explorer membership is $650. An invoice will be issued to the member shortly after approval of membership. Payment is due with 60 days of the invoice date. The fee is non-refundable.

Restrictions and Notifications:

          • Explorer membership is available only once to an individual company.
          • The program is designed for companies who wish to send technical delegates to OMA Working Group meetings. It is not intended for individuals or other associations.
          • The terms of the Explorer membership may be modified in the sole and absolute discretion of the Open Mobile Alliance Ltd. Changes to the terms of the Explorer membership are applicable to all Explorer memberships without regard to the term of the agreement.
          • All Explorer memberships are governed by the terms of the  OMA Explorer Membership Application and the OMA Bylaws. In the event of a conflict between any other documents or conversations regarding the rights of the Explorer membership, the OMA Explorer Membership Application and the OMA Bylaws shall govern.

View current Explorer Members here.