Incubator Groups

Incubator Groups

Welcome to the OMA Incubator page.

As OMA has developed more and more specifications for service enabling protocols and as those protocols have matured, we have found that some enablers have application that extends beyond their original design. OMA has noticed interest for our enablers from a widening set of companies and specification setting bodies for our enablers and an appetite for finding a way to quickly define the outlines of potential new service enablers.

In an effort to respond to this dynamic OMA is introducing an incubator program to allow OMA to broaden the number and scope of new and existing enablers with the participation of important members of the industry who may not yet be represented at OMA.

Incubator Groups are designed to promote broader industry participation in the process of enabler development by making it easier and faster to shape the broad outlines of the next generation of service enablers in a well supported development environment.

Simply stated, Incubator Groups are:

  • Open to all: anyone may participate with an invitation from an OMA member.
  • Do not require a fee: OMA membership is not required.
  • IPR balanced: the IPR policies are designed to make it easy for IPR holders to join a group. The Incubator IPR policy is consistent with OMA’s IPR policy. OMA’s IPR policy is harmonized with many of the largest SDOs.
  • Geared for transition to standards-track: These groups complement the existing OMA work program. They are structured to facilitate transition to the standards track.
  • Flexible in outcome: Incubators may choose to develop white papers, demos, or merely to hold discussions. While there is no requirement that Incubator product transition to the OMA standards process, it will be easy to do so if the Incubator wishes.
  • Supported by OMA infrastructure and process: OMA will provide tools, facilities, and lightweight process guidance so that the Incubators can benefit from the tools and experience that already exists at OMA.
  • Simple to start: Requires only a short definition of scope and a minimum number of OMA supporters. Contact any Staff member or Board member to get more information. (

Download the OMA OIG Application here.

Download the OMA incubators rules here.