Membership FAQ

Membership FAQs

If your company is already a Member of OMA, then this page will guide you to apply for a Login (username and password). Click here for all the info you need to renew your membership for 2015!

Q: How do I know if my Company is already a Member of OMA?
A: You can look at the list of Current Members of OMA to decide if your company is a member or not.

Q: My Company is not a Member.
A: If your company is not already a Member of OMA, then you can apply to Join OMA on behalf of your company.

Q: How do I get a Login to the Members Area?
A: A Login to the OMA Member Website is individual to each person in a company. Everyone has their own username and password. There is no concept of a general Username and Password for everyone in a company.

Your email address will become your username, and you will be able to assign yourself the password of your choice, once your username is established and you have logged in for the first time. Follow the Apply for a Login link to commence the process of getting a Login, and enter your email address on this web page.
My Email Address Domain is not recognized by the system?

Members of a subsidiary company can apply for a Login if the parent company is member of OMA. In the case of your company being more than 50% owned by a company that is already a member of OMA, then your company can apply to have the Email Domain of your company recognized as part of your parent company’s Membership of OMA.

If your company domain is not recognized, then please send a note to the Membership Manager at the OMA Staff to request that your domain is recognized. You should indicate in your email the name of your parent company, and the percentage ownership of your company that is held by the parent company.